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hard head

Hard Head - John Wakefield
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my life is full of corners and ledges

and lot's of ruff and hard edges

they're the kind that make you fall down

but I never stay on the ground


sometimes opportunity it knocks on your door

sometimes it just knocks you straight to the floor


I gotta hard head

thank God I've got a hard head


I've got the bumps and bruises to prove it

you know that I've been through it

my curiosity still around

yeah I bring the house down


I've had to listen all day long

to what I cannot do and what I did that was wrong

well I never (never) hear a word that they said


I gotta hard head

I gotta hard head

I've got a hard head


no pedigree, no silver spoon

no red carpet to an empty room

but I got my ace in the hole

I got soul


I was born walkin' up hill

and for that modern man has not invented any pill

I make due with what I have instead


I gotta hard head

I gotta hard head....repeat and ad lib

Vocals by Rachel Talbott

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