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i'm just wakin' up

I'm Just Wakin Up - John Wakefield
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I'm just wakin' up

I'm just wakin up all right

no coffee in your cup

in the middle of the night


now guys don't you quibble

I just need a nibble

and then I'll be right off to sleep

I'm just wakin ain't cheap


I'm just wakin up

I'm unsettled and upset

need to remind you

of a small detail not to forget


the hour was late

in your somnambulant state

you fell back to sleep with ease

I'm just wakin burp me please


well my hair is ruffled and my cheeks they are red

and look out for the wet spot in the middle of your bed

well you can pat my belly and you can count me some sheep

you can sing me a song but I won't go back no I'm not going back to sleep


I'm just wakin up

I'm just opening my eyes

I do this every night

shouldn't be a big surprise


now I know you can make it

and I know you can take it

cause you're the best thing to happen to me

sorry for wakin up

sorry for wakin up

sorry for wakin up...time number 3

Vocals by Nikko Lowe

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