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Don't Forget

Don't Forget - John Wakefield
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hey mom

i think there's something missing somethings wrong

hold on

the diaper bag looks different somethings wrong

hold on

hey mom


did you bring the diapers and wipeys powder and cream

a change of clothes for both you and me

the padded mat for exercising

and the little blue crab so appetizing

the little bear yeah the one from the bed 

no not the blue i prefer the red

monkey that bounces up and down

but toss the one with the squeaky sound


don't forget it

don't forget it 

don't forget it

so don't rush out of the house this time

you're gonna pay in stress what you saved in time


hey mom

that's not going to get you very far

aw mom

you're gonna need a much much bigger car

aw come on

hey mom


the bibs and blankets bottles and boos

and that little strappy thing so you know i won't loose it

the fake cell phone that even rings

and that ice ice ice cold teething thing

an assortment of hats in case i get cold

the video that never gets old

wait there's probably so much more

just for a quick trip to the store


hey mom

i see it in your face there's something wrong

aw mom

the house a little cluttered aw con


the good stroller right by the front door

the car seat over there on the floor

the bouncer left blocking half the hall

right next to the fuzzy orange basketball

this obstacle course what a lovely sight

is difficult to navigate in the night

i heard a crash i heard a shout

then i heard a bunch of words that i couldn't make out

Vocals by Nikko Lowe and Einstein Brown

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