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"These clever, funny, well crafted songs send you careening deep into the realm of parenting. Hold onto the baby wipes, you're in for a musical ride"

-Paul Cyg

Independent Music Critic

- insights into drooling from the underrepresented babies perspective...a  matter-of-fact warning.

- like to accessorize?...have kids. It seems there are a thousand things to remember every time you walk out the door...a thousand and one including this album.

- a babies description of Mom. (should be) The Official Mother's Day Anthem.

- little ones are fascinated with gravity, and only partially because it's the cornerstone of modern physics. In this song, one little Newton explains gravity as he sees it.

- she's just asking that you cut her a little slack

- they can drive you crazy yet they can keep you from going crazy.

- babies come with their own schedules. This little girl explains that to her parents...again.

- new parents have to make a few adjustments, the biggest being that their new baby doesn't conform to their busy schedules. This lament explores coming to terms with that shifting of priorities.

- by far the most frightening of all the songs, this ominous warning comes from a baby with a master's also a surprisingly effective and non-controversial form of birth control.

- Rankin/Bass meets Tijuana Brass in this musical portrait...and if you get that reference, you must be old too.

- yes, a babies hard head is a brilliant design feature for those equilibrium-challenged tots but it also represents a persistence and stubbornness only rivaled by ants!

- the focus shifts from the ordeal of the mother to that of the child...preparing for, and experiencing birth are about as real as it gets.

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